STRUXI Capture

Streamline your time tracking process with STRUXI Capture. With the scan of a hard hat, the Capture app clocks in workers in seconds and automatically syncs that data into your STRUXI software for absolutely accurate labor data.

Capture crew time and shred your paperwork

STRUXI Capture time clock runs on low-cost tablets so you don't have to invest in expensive hardware. The time clock makes on-site timekeeping a breeze with an easy-to-use app you can configure by project.

Up to 7% labor cost savings

Reduces labor costs by capturing actual working times via QR code punches — that accuracy leads to up to 7% labor cost savings.

Ideal for non-english speakers

Cloud-based & lightweight for easy setup, and simple enough for workers to learn in a five-minute toolbox talk — even non-English speaking workers

More accurate labor tracking

Digital time punches help create an audit trail, and the app applies automated rounding rules to employee punches (optional).
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How Capture
Helped Lithko

Ryan Hale of Lithko

“Everyone found the system was just super simple to use. We thought we’d need two iPads mounted and we’d have a line out the door of guys waiting to clock in, but everyone moved quickly, and we realized we just needed one. It’s that easy.”

Ryan Hale
Chief Information Officer and Director of Strategic Initiatives | Lithko Contracting, LLC

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