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STRUXI is software for hard work, made to enhance the construction industry as we know it. The STRUXI Field Management and STRUXI Labor Cost Management products both provide insight into the largest risk and cost for self-performing contractors: labor.

With over 55 years of expertise in construction software, we are industry leaders renowned for developing solutions that effectively tackle the most significant challenges in the construction field. Witness the transformative power of our products in revolutionizing labor management within the construction industry.

STRUXI Field Management helps construction companies hit the ground running. This time clock collects hours with ease and makes workflows smoother. Teams get updated hourly, and their focus can be brought back to the job site—back to where it belongs.

STRUXI Labor Cost Management’s mission is clear: to work closely with technical partners to improve the accessibility and accuracy of real-time, granular labor-cost-management data, empowering companies to make more informed business decisions. The future of labor cost management will never be the same.

Field Management empowers construction teams to efficiently track and manage their labor force, gaining valuable insights into their activities and overall team performance. Labor Cost Management enables you to delve into the granular details of labor expenses, providing a comprehensive understanding of the actual costs associated with your workforce on the job site.

By addressing labor pain points, both of our products work in unison to enhance productivity. Together, they offer heightened visibility into labor management, risk mitigation, and overall project execution, equipping construction companies with the essential data to make informed decisions that drive success.

By combining the power of Field Management and Labor Cost Management products, an unstoppable force emerges to revolutionize the world of construction labor.

See how the STRUXI products can transform labor management for your teams today!