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Any construction company can transform labor productivity from a liability into a competitive edge. We’re here to help you do it.


STRUXI Field Management is built on our 50+ years of experience in delivering ERP software solutions to help construction companies manage their business.

Our mission is to deliver a construction-software toolset that maximizes the efficiency in your construction business, by empowering people on your job sites as well as in your back offices to easily track, analyze and manage time.


In 2018, Ryan Hale, CIO at Lithko Contracting LLC, came to Penta Technologies, parent company of STRUXI, with a problem. Lithko, a customer of Penta, was using the Penta ERP in their construction business, but needed to find a solution that streamlined manual time collection and coding – one of the key problems plaguing the entire construction industry – all while integrating with the Penta ERP.

Lithko was prepared to look outside of Penta for this solution as it didn’t exist there, however, the Penta team quickly jumped at taking on this challenge and developed a mobile application to meet Lithko’s needs.

After testing and fine-tuning post-Lithko-implementation, LPS surpassed its beta stage and was ready to be launched as a stand-alone field management software to the entire industry, called STRUXI, which is Latin for “to build.”

On job sites, STRUXI enabled:

  • Workers in the field to quickly and easily capture time using a software-based timeclock.
  • Foremen to simply allocate time based on cost codes, eliminating spreadsheets and data entry.
  • The back office to easily process payroll using STRUXI’s data feed to eliminate the re-keying of data from the field.
  • OPs leadership and Project Management to view the data in the ERP, offering real-time insights and an unmatched toolset for performance-based planning.



System 5 Software by Construction Computer Control Corporation (CCCC)

System 5 Software, to be later known as Penta Technologies, Inc., was a comprehensive suite of construction-centric software applications built to help construction companies monitor their labor productivity through a series of reports. System 5 ran on a large Burroughs mainframe sharing environment and was written in COBOL and ALGOL.


PENTA Time, Equipment & Production (TEP) Software by Penta Technologies

Developed with Matrix Service Company to better manage employees’ time on job sites, this crew-based field reporting mobile app integrated with the Penta ERP and optimized reporting of employee time, equipment usage, production and reimbursements.


Labor Productivity Suite (STRUXI Beta) by Penta Technologies

STRUXI beta was a further evolution on TEP functionality and built for Lithko Contracting LLC. Its purpose was to eliminate waste associated with tracking time in the field by providing field time capture within a tablet application and integrated with the PENTA ERP software.


STRUXI Field Management Suite by STRUXI

Today’s STRUXI is a rebuild of the labor productivity suite beta version, incorporating some of the newest mobile technologies to make the collection of field data more efficient and accurate for both labor crews and site foremen. STRUXI also provides real-time data analysis through the integration of Power BI, helping foremen make better labor-related decisions and proactive adjustments, rather than reactive.

Building on over 50 years of experience in delivering ERP software solutions to help construction companies manage their business, we’ve developed the STRUXI Field Management suite to help construction companies maximize efficiency on their job sites.

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