STRUXI Labor Cost Management is one of its kind in the market. We provide the most accurate, granular and automated calculations of fully burdened labor costs in the construction industry. But that’s only the beginning of the value we bring to the table.

Our focus on streamlined labor cost management ensures an intuitive experience while fostering confidence in your processes. Customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of our priorities as we strive to empower construction teams and simplify their operations.

Our open system offers flexible integration opportunities for timecard solutions, reporting solutions and more, making it easy for construction companies to leverage their preferred software partners. To sweeten the deal, STRUXI is fully cloud-based and built on top of Microsoft Azure cloud-hosting technology, ensuring seamless updates without any downtime or server management hassle.

With our unique approach, you can sync to your existing systems and/or easily import relevant information, and we will provide the precise labor cost of doing the work— it’s that simple. Our software is designed to be the smart part of your payroll, accurately calculating the true cost of your labor with unparalleled precision.

While other providers claim to provide construction-payroll solutions, they fall short of what we deliver. We’re not simply a payment facilitation tool—our partners already excel in that aspect. Our primary focus lies in enterprise-level calculations, providing you with the essential information required to effectively process labor costs.

Labor Productivity Software

Some of the core functionality includes:

  • Effective Date: Reduce overhead and need for precise payroll updates by setting future Effective Dates, streamlining the end of year and new-hire process.
  • Labor Cost: Seamlessly handle burden calculations for all US states and trust you will remain in compliance (for taxes, union regulations, etc.).
  • Prevailing Wage: Configure any Prevailing Wage scenario and automatically pay employees in compliance with union reciprocity rules.
  • Granular Subledger: Calculate fully burdened costs for all cost codes on an hourly basis down to the penny.

We empower you to push the labor costs back into your project subledger and present it in a way that enables you to build the reports you need to run your business. With our solution, you can take your construction business to the next level, streamline your operations, and drive value across your organization.

Don’t settle for inaccurate or incomplete labor cost tracking any longer. Join the construction industry’s most innovative businesses and experience the future of labor management today!