Are You a Technology Partner?

We know what our technology partners are searching for: offloading one of the hardest groups of feature sets in construction accounting in a way that easily incorporates your existing technology ecosystem.

That’s where STRUXI comes in. We specialize in delivering accurate, granular data transparency to address the construction industry’s most significant requirement —labor cost management—to empower companies to make informed business decisions.

We achieve accuracy and granularity in our data through the following methods:

  • Offering construction labor cost management as a service, providing embeddable utility in your software.
  • Connecting to the project-level ledger.

With our reliable technology, you can conveniently access data from third-party systems that you are already familiar with and trust. This integration enhances your labor-cost-management processes, while ensuring stability, scalability and security. STRUXI provides a comprehensive solution that encompasses all the necessary elements for your success.

If you are seeking a solution that can revolutionize your customer base by incorporating granular labor costs, STRUXI Labor Cost Management is the ideal partner you’ve been searching for. Let’s have a conversation to determine if a partnership is a good fit.


STRUXI has an essential formula when it comes to selecting technology partners.

You have a solution + STRUXI has a solution = together we have a better solution.

We’re seeking partners who align with our mission and can join us in revolutionizing the industry. We understand that it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, so we’re searching for the perfect match to complement our formula.

STRUXI provides immense value to partners with:

  • Direct reach to STRUXI product management, leadership, and development teams to get partners up and running quickly.
  • Access to a repeatable process, RESTful API documentation, speedy onboarding and more to help partners succeed.
  • Commitment to maintaining and advancing the stack as technology progresses.

And that’s just the start of the value STRUXI brings to the table. How can a partnership with you add value? Complete the form, and share how our solutions can complement each other.