Are You a Solution Partner?

STRUXI is actively seeking solution partners who can collaborate with us to enhance our labor-cost-management processes and join us in revolutionizing the construction industry. Together, we can make a significant impact and transform the way things are done.

We’re seeking solution partners who can provide a wide range of offerings, including but not limited to:

  • Time Capture
  • Reporting
  • Project Management
  • Labor Cost and Payment Distribution
  • Document Management

STRUXI Solution Partners

We work with best-in-class, well-loved solution partners to further enhance labor cost management for construction. Will you join the ranks?

We offer the following solutions within STRUXI Labor Cost Management:

Compliance Reporting

Aatrix – STRUXI Labor Cost Management has partnered with Aatrix, the leading provider for simplified and cost-effective W-2/1099 filing. This integration ensures compliance with certified payroll reporting requirements at both the federal and state levels. With Aatrix’s expertise, you can streamline your year-end filing process and meet all necessary reporting obligations effortlessly.


Flatfile – By partnering with Flatfile, STRUXI Labor Cost Management offers seamless data file import experience. Through a user-friendly workbook-style interface, coupled with real-time data validation, we ensure an ideal and efficient process for importing your data.

Time Capture

hh2 and ExakTime – By teaming up with leading time capture solutions such as hh2 and ExakTime, you can maximize the efficiency of your crew’s time entry and approval processes. Seamlessly integrate these solutions with our labor cost management software, enabling swift and accurate employee information transfer. With this streamlined workflow, you can save time, return to the job site, and ensure timely payment for your hardworking employees.

Payment Distribution

Online Check Writer – With the integration of Online Check Writer, STRUXI Labor Cost Management elevates your check processing experience. Seamlessly pay employees from multiple bank accounts, effortlessly mail physical checks with a single click, and customize your checks using intuitive drag and drop features. Experience the convenience and versatility of Online Check Writer within our labor cost management solution.

STRUXI Labor Cost Management stands out in the market with its renowned and groundbreaking technology. Seamless integration with familiar third-party systems in the construction industry enhances and streamlines labor-cost-management processes industry-wide, making it a top choice.

We’re seeking partners who align with our mission and can join us in revolutionizing the industry. We understand that it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, so we’re searching for the perfect match to complement our formula and provide additional value with our software.

Afterall, it’s basic math: You have a solution + STRUXI has a solution = together we have a better solution.

Are you equipped with a technology solution that can bring added value in conjunction with STRUXI? Let’s determine if we are a fit.