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How long do you have to wait to get critical jobsite info? If you don't know what's happening on your projects in real-time, you're fighting a losing battle that's costing you time and money.

Built on over 50 years of construction tech innovation, STRUXI replaces outdated paper timesheets and production reports with software that updates you every hour on labor performance – without disrupting how you already run your jobsites.

STRUXI Time Allocation


STRUXI replaces paper timesheets and production reports with an easy-to-use, cloud-based construction software that tracks down to the cost code. Find out how STRUXI gets your key players on the same page so you get more done.


Executive Team

Executive Team

Assess Performance Across Jobsites

STRUXI digitizes paper timesheets and cost allocating across all of your projects to give you accurate, up-to-date insights into your labor costs and productivity on every job. You'll be able to track expenses down to the construction code, project, crew and employee for better day-to-day management, operations and strategic planning.

Track Project Profitability Hourly

STRUXI centralizes jobsite data and makes it available for your accounting and project management teams — all so you can track the profitability of all your jobs in real-time. STRUXI BI updates data every hour and allows your team to send you project data as it's captured on the jobsite.

Evaluate Risks & Pivot Faster

Root out problems and take action with insights across multiple jobsites to identify projects that are at elevated risk for going over budget or falling behind schedule. STRUXI BI reporting data updates hourly, giving construction executives the freedom to make critical project decisions based on real-time data.


Project Management

Project Management

Save Supervisors & Field Crew Time

Lightning-fast resource allocation and crew-based time allocation will save your site foreman and project managers an average of an hour a day that would've been spent on error-prone paper pushing. Plus, our STRUXI Capture time clock app makes clocking in and out a breeze, saving each fieldworker five minutes per day by digitizing the clock-in process.

Stay on Schedule & on Budget

STRUXI digitizes outdated paper timesheets and cost allocating to give you accurate, up-to-date insights into your labor costs and productivity on every job. STRUXI's Power BI reporting updates every hour (up to eight times per day) to give you real-time information your project managers can use to make critical labor decisions. 

Keep your Crews on Track

No more running paperwork back to the office. STRUXI helps you close communication gaps by giving you a mobile software tool to send jobsite data to the back office so you and your team can make better project decisions in real-time. Your admins can log into STRUXI from anywhere at any time to stay up to date on the latest project data. 


Accounting and Payroll

Accounting & Payroll

Monitor Labor Costs in Real-Time

Labor and production data within STRUXI updates hourly (up to eight times per day), giving you unparalleled insight into project costs and financial impacts in real-time, allowing your team to course-correct if needed.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry

By digitizing labor costs in an easy-to-use way, STRUXI streamlines jobsite data capturing and makes it available for your accounting and project management teams — all so you can track the profitability of your jobs in real-time. STRUXI BI updates data every hour and allows your team to export project data as it's captured on the jobsite.

Pay Your Team Accurately & on Time

STRUXI cleans up outdated, manual payroll processes by providing an easy-to-use output that your accounting team feeds directly into your payroll system, all to ensure your crew is paid accurately and on time.


Tech Team

Tech Team

Easily Deploy, Support & Maintain

STRUXI is cloud-based and deployed through the web, and STRUXI Capture runs on low-cost tablets that can be managed with a commercial application management platform. Since the software is built on the Microsoft technology stack, it scales into your organization with minimal administrative overhead and setup.

Easily Access & Integrate Your Data

We built STRUXI to be lightweight and easy to use by everyone on your jobsites, even if they don't speak English. STRUXI Capture's intuitive, visual interface features large internally recognized icons to make clocking in and out a breeze, and jobsite supervisors can be trained on STRUXI's labor and cost allocation dashboard remotely in a matter of hours.

Take Advantage of Lightweight Pricing

STRUXI's lightweight pricing model ensures you only pay for licenses in use and allows you to get started with very little time, resource, or cost investment.


on outdated manual admin work


savings in annual labor cost for all workers


reduction in manual back-office admin time


saved/day for superintendents in the field


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Use our cost savings calculator to find out.

STRUXI pays for itself on the first project and scales to meet your growing demand. Enter your labor and jobsite cost information to calculate your estimated savings when you add STRUXI to your toolbox.

Up to 5% labor savings across your business

Up to 50% reduction in back-office admin data entry

Up to 1 hour per day saved per project supervisor

5 minutes per day saved per field crew member



Track how many crew members you need to finish a job, daily production goals and units per day, workdays to completion and more with fully customizable STRUXI BI reporting.

Tired of finding out a job’s a loser after it’s too late? Root out problems and take action with real-time insights by construction code, project, crew and employee.

STRUXI Business Insights gives construction project managers the freedom to build any report you need based on real-time data. Plus, STRUXI BI data updates hourly, giving you the most accurate data possible so you can make the best decisions for your projects.



STRUXI Capture time clock runs on low-cost tablets so you don't have to invest in expensive hardware. The time clock makes on-site timekeeping a breeze with an easy-to-use app you can configure by project.

STRUXI Capture:

  • Reduces labor costs by capturing actual working times via QR code punches — that accuracy leads to a 3-5% labor cost savings
  • Digital time punches help create an audit trail, and the app applies automated rounding rules to employee punches (optional)
  • Cloud-based & lightweight for easy setup, and simple enough for workers to learn in a five-minute toolbox talk — even non-English speaking workers
STRUXI Capture Timeclock



Discover how STRUXI can cut jobsite and back-office paperwork and streamline your business today. No commitments or upfront costs. 


STRUXI case study

“STRUXI increased productivity to do higher value stuff. It's a combination of hard and soft savings that's scalable."

Ran Hale

Ryan Hale

Chief Information Officer and Director of Strategic Initiatives | Lithko Contracting LLC



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