STRUXI labor productivity software helped Lithko Contracting save thousands of dollars and hours in labor spending per year.


Lithko needed to find a cloud-based construction software solution that digitized manual time collection and coding — a problem plaguing productivity in the construction industry.


STRUXI labor productivity software allowed Lithko to eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual data entry, resulting in savings of over 68,000 hours in labor per year and 5% in annual labor costs per year across their entire business.


Bill Wagner is an inspirational executive who is passionate about creating exceptional experiences for his employees and his customers. As CEO of STRUXI and Penta, Bill developed a long-term strategy for business growth around STRUXI and Penta’s innovative-product portfolio of SaaS solutions. These solutions tackle some of the most challenging, long-standing issues in the construction industry, including labor productivity, job-cost accounting and complex payroll. Bill’s strategic management positioned Penta as a construction-technology leader.

Bill holds a degree in Communications from Marquette University. He is a current member and past President of the Milwaukee Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Bill is an engaging speaker who addressed audiences as a featured presenter for AGCIT, BuiltWorlds, Product Camp and the University of Wisconsin eBusiness Consortium. His expertise on topics about product management, digital disruption, business strategy and the impact of digital experiences on the customer journey provides audiences with relevant knowledge that they can apply in the workplace.

STRUXI is built on our 50+ years of experience in delivering ERP software solutions to help construction companies manage their business.

Our mission is to deliver a construction software toolset that maximizes the efficiency in your construction business, by empowering people on your jobsites as well as in your back offices to easily track, analyze and manage time.


In 2018, Ryan Hale, CIO at Lithko Contracting LLC, came to Penta Technologies, parent company of STRUXI, with a problem. Lithko, a customer of Penta, was using the Penta ERP in their construction business, but needed to find a solution that streamlined manual time collection and coding – one of the key problems plaguing the entire construction industry – all while integrating with the Penta ERP.

Lithko was prepared to look outside of Penta for this solution as it didn’t exist at Penta, however, the Penta team quickly jumped at taking on this challenge and developed a mobile application to meet Lithko’s needs.

Penta’s development teams got to work and developed a beta software called the Labor Productivity Suite (LPS). Within months, LPS was implemented on Lithko jobsites and integrated with the PENTA ERP.

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