Starting at  ONLY $5/crew member per month

STRUXI Fits Every Budget

We make pricing simple: starting at just $5 per crew member per month.* labor productivity software appSTRUXI Cloud-Based Productivity App

$5/crew member

  • Time allocation by employee, cost code and crew
  • Access from any device with internet
  • Fully-customizable report export functionality
  • Integration with Power BI for data updated hourly
  • Integration with your current payroll system

Struxi Capture appSTRUXI Capture Mobile App (optional)

$0 (Included with Cloud App)

  • An optional time clock solution; included but not required
  • Easy QR-code based clock-in and clock-out for crews
  • Full data integration into the STRUXI Productivity App
  • 5-minute training for English and non-English speakers
  • Switch between any active job your company is working on

STRUXI Premium Integrations

Get the most out of the STRUXI labor productivity suite through premium integrations.

Power BI Integration with STRUXI

$0-$10/project manager

Get hourly-updated data reports you can share with team members with STRUXI + Power BI. If you already have Power BI Pro access, there is no cost. Otherwise, we'll set you up for $10/month per project manager.

Formstack Integration with STRUXI

Starting at $50/company

Formstack's workplace productivity platform integration allows you to create change requests, embed custom forms, and add ad hoc field data to your custom reports in STRUXI.

How Much Can STRUXI Save You?

STRUXI pays for itself on the first project and scales to meet your growing demand. Enter your labor and jobsite cost information in to calculate your estimated savings when you add STRUXI to your jobsites.*

  • Up to 5% labor savings across your organization

  • Up to 50% reduction in back-office admin data entry

  • Up to an hour per day saved per project supervisor

  • 5 minutes per day saved for every field crew member


*Annual savings are estimates based on current information. Contact STRUXI for more information. 

roi calculator screenshot 2

*$4,800 annual minimum. For companies with fewer than 80 crew members, pricing is a flat rate of $4,800 per year.