Paper is inherently inefficient, and technology is helping to eliminate the rolls and rolls and reams of paper our industry wastes on a daily basis.

Let’s look at a few innovative ways your construction company can eliminate paper and improve labor productivity today.

1. Ditch the Paper Timecards

One of the biggest time-sucks on job sites is paper timecards. Foremen who should be in the business of marshaling labor productivity are instead chasing people around the job site to find out when they showed up, when they left, whether they had all their breaks, and whether or not they got hurt. All of this can and should get digitized. Here’s a hint, click here to see how STRUXI can help.

2. Eliminate Double Entry and Timecard Adjustments

Enabling jobsite employees with direct access to automated data loads to the ERP that prevent errors and eliminate the need for paper, emails and excel spreadsheets to be sent back to the office to be re-keyed.

In addition to eliminating double entry, this reduces timecard adjustments since it reduces the chance of keypunch errors that would have occurred in the double-entry process.

3. Build a Digital Hub

Tech innovator PlanGrid built a digital hub that allows everybody to work off the same drawing in real-time and collaborate around them on a fully digital platform.

4. Digitize your RFI Submittal Processes

Another method you can do is digitizing your RFI submittal process. You should be using digital tools to substantiate change orders with video and photographs.

It doesn’t stop there though.

These are just a few of the thousands of use cases for digitizing paper on construction jobs that are possible today, and the common push-back we hear when we suggest moving away from paper is that people just aren’t going to embrace technology.

It’s time for a digital wakeup call.

In the age of COVID-19, grandmas and grandpas are successfully ordering groceries online and playing bridge on Zoom meetings. It’s time to give your teams a little more credit for their ability to adopt new technologies.

If you introduce digital tools and show your teams how they will make their lives easier, they’re going to embrace technology, and it will be a much more seamless transition than you may have ever expected. The results are impressive as the labor productivity savings are massive.

In the end, you’ll find your team asking, “What took so long?”

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