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STRUXI Announced as One of The Top Construction Technology Firms™ 2022

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[Brookfield, WI – October 25th, 2022] - Now in its 20th year of publication, Construction Executive is the leading trade magazine about the business of construction. In its September/October 2022 issue, CE published a comprehensive list of The Top Construction Technology Firms™, including STRUXI as one of the top firms. CE developed The

Finalists Announced for 2022 Wisconsin Innovation Awards

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Finalists Announced for 2022 Wisconsin Innovation Awards Winners to be announced at awards ceremony on October 12, 2022 For Immediate Release 18 July 2022 Madison—July 21, 2022 — Thirty companies have been selected as finalists for the 2022 Wisconsin Innovation Awards. In total, more than 300 businesses, products, and services from

How to Get Your Construction Crew Using Digital Tools

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Change is inevitable.  No matter what you do, time stops for no person and no industry.  However, for construction, labor-productivity issues have become obstacles that prevent industry changes from occurring.  The rest of the world moves on, but construction has lagged behind.  When an industry like construction—one that has seen almost ZERO productivity growth in two decades—is

How to Conduct Productivity Analysis in Construction

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Now that some of the stumbling blocks to peak productivity have been explored, it’s time to learn how to measure and track productivity on all projects. Measuring labor productivity and optimizing job sites based on your productivity is key to competing in today’s market. If your field workers aren’t as productive as they need to

Construction Revolution: Labor Productivity & the Labor Shortage

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Labor productivity challenges the construction industry. Time and money are lost, and the struggle to have efficiency on job sites amid the labor shortage further increases the problem. However, there’s a way to resolve the headaches and stress that come from this struggle. Episode 5 of the Construction Revolution podcast by Neuberger & Co. features Bill Wagner, President

How to Improve Construction Productivity: Measuring is Key

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Every major industry has dozens of governing bodies and expert groups represented by long and forgettable acronyms. Newsflash, the construction industry is not an exception. The ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) is one of the oldest, largest, and most impactful professional groups in the construction industry. They have over 152,000 members in 177 countries

The Secret to Beating Construction Labor and Materials Shortages

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We hear it all the time: “We have more projects than we can get to.” “We don’t have enough boots on the ground to get the jobs done.” “We can’t take on more work because we’re struggling to keep up.” The construction labor shortage has been a hot-button issue for well over a decade. After losing

How to Measure Your Construction Business’s Labor Productivity

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The construction industry faces mounting productivity headwinds: razor-thin margins, skilled labor shortages, regulatory red tape, and ever-climbing insurance premiums, just to name a few. Despite these challenges, your customers continue to demand higher and higher rates of productivity. In order to compete, you’ve got to have a plan as well as a set

4 Ways to Use Construction Technology to Save Time and Money

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Paper is inherently inefficient, and technology is helping to eliminate the rolls and rolls and reams of paper our industry wastes on a daily basis. Let's look at a few innovative ways your construction company can eliminate paper and improve labor productivity today. 1. Ditch the Paper Timecards One of the biggest

10 Features You Need in your New Construction Time Clock

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If you're reading this, good work! You’ve already got a leg up on the large percentage of the industry that's still stuck in the past using paper timecards. You’re ready to transform labor productivity from a liability into a competitive edge. When considering options for a construction time clock solution, how can you cut through

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