Throughout life, how often do things work together seamlessly? From integrating phone apps with tablet apps to connecting a phone to a Bluetooth speaker, there seems to always be an issue.

Fortunately, STRUXI integrating with an organization’s Office 365 or Azure Active Directory (AAD) account is one process that’s smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy! Allowing employees to sign into STRUXI via their normal Microsoft credentials is possible in just a few clicks.

Why Bother Integrating?

Productivity and efficiency are foundational to STRUXI’s Labor Productivity web-based app (hell, it’s even in the name). STRUXI helps field and office personnel save time and cut job costs, but users must get logged in first! The integration between STRUXI and Azure AD allows for users to log in quickly while maintaining strong password requirements and multi-factor authentication.

Integrating with an organization’s Azure Active Directory (AD) typically sparks a few questions.

“Okay, but what if we already have strong password requirements and multi-factor authentication?”

That’s the thing! STRUXI integrating with Azure AD doesn’t take away from that. STRUXI will use the same password and authentication requirements already enforced by the organization

“What if we don’t have Azure Active Directory (AAD)?”

Chances are that the organization uses Microsoft 365 and Microsoft 365 comes with a free Azure AD subscription. To double check, type the organization’s email domain here.

“Well, what if we use an on-premise active directory?”

Luckily, Azure AD can be set up to sync with an on-premise AD, and IT departments won’t need to worry about managing users’ login information in two separate places.

“BUT! What if we don’t want to break the bank on another piece of technology like Azure AD?”

The bank can remain intact! STRUXI works with the free subscription to Azure AD.

“Why does STRUXI use my email username and password? Does this mean STRUXI now has access to my email?”

Absolutely not. This is quite the opposite. By using Azure AD for authentication, STRUXI doesn’t have to store your password or any passwords for that matter. The password protection is left up to Microsoft.

“Well then, why can’t I just make up a username and password to get started with STRUXI?”

How many passwords do you already have to remember? STRUXI wants users to focus on managing projects and labor productivity, not remembering passwords or reaching out to IT to reset a login.

“Once we are integrated, does that mean everyone at our company has STRUXI access?”

The STRUXI admin at your organization can make this call. Auto user provisioning can easily be turned on to avoid adding any additional steps to the onboarding process. If the admin wants to limit access, Azure AD’s group functionality allows access to be limited.

“So, if we turn on auto user provisioning, does every user have access to EVERY job’s status in STRUXI?”

Negative. Turning on auto user provisioning only grants users access to the jobs they have created or have been granted access to by the organization’s STRUXI admin.

Asking “why” when looking to integrate STRUXI and Azure AD is important, but now it’s time for the how. Learn how to help your team get their hands dirty STRUXI and use our setup page to get started.