Procore users can now easily use STRUXI to accurately capture labor hours and then sync timecard data with Procore. A key component to any construction project is knowing how many labor hours were estimated and how many labor hours remain. With that being said, construction-management software such as Procore can serve as an even better resource when combined with accurate and simple time tracking.

How Does it Work?

STRUXI Capture is a tablet-based app that gathers timecard punches in real time. Foremen then allocate time and production to cost codes. This information is then accessible on Procore’s timesheet module and ready to go through Procore’s approval workflow.

Once the timecard information is in Procore, it can also be pushed into a company’s construction-accounting program, such as Viewpoint. At this point, project managers can analyze field productivity and assess job costs. Field and office employees are on the same page, and paper time sheets are in the trash (where they belong).

Why Integrate STRUXI and Procore?

STRUXI and Procore are a fit in principle and in function. Both products don’t try to keep your data away from you, sell it to others or make you buy it back.  In terms of functionality, STRUXI can be the peanut butter to Procore’s jelly.

  • STRUXI is made by people who know construction and give a $%@t about the industry.
  • STRUXI’s user interface is made for foremen to do their time brutally fast
  • STRUXI helps Procore users access and accurately analyze the labor portion across all their projects in the same view.
  • STRUXI has rich-reporting templates that are customizable and help project managers present data to leadership in a clear and concise manner. Not only to see past results, but also to do real-time forecasts.

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