STRUXI has a unique feature that allows users to not only enter time by cost codes, but also to tag time entries with attributes or characteristics. Construction accounting software can commonly be bogged down with unnecessary cost codes that are far too specific. STRUXI’s web-based solution lets field and office employees stick to the standard-cost codes and use the time attributes feature to track additional information.

How Does it Work?

A STRUXI user will select or enter in the essential time tracking information such as laborer names,

cost codes, project name, and hours worked. After entering the essentials, the user can select a time attribute in real time to further classify the field productivity and allow for an additional level of analysis.

STRUXI allows customer admins to create the list of time attributes available to the rest of the customer’s company. Some common time attributes customers like to track with employee time are:

  • Overtime
  • Claims
  • Back charges
  • Rework
  • Access restriction
  • Foreman uplift
  • Prevailing wage activities

The user interface is very simple to use, and selecting time attributes is as easy as applying hashtags to a Facebook post!

Benefits of Tagging Time Entries

STRUXI’s time-attribute function allows for field and office personnel to analyze field productivity in a simple and structured manner.

Cutting Future Job Costs

Using time attributes can give decision makers the data they need to improve efficiencies and save time on future projects. This extra level of detail on the common, costliest portion of a project – labor – can help project managers better manage their teams and finish future projects on time and within budget.

Historical Knowledge of Projects

The addition of time attributes to time tracking can help better tell the story of why a project was successful or unsuccessful. When discussing past projects with management for an audit or general check-in, project managers don’t need to rely solely on their memory for the details of a project. They can use the time-attribute information from their past projects to jog their memory and provide additional reasoning as to why a project was a home run or a s#!t show. What might be perceived as bull s&!$ excuses can be backed with data explaining exactly where time was spent while still tracking time by the sacred-cost code.

Access to Structured Data

The time attributes help keep the payroll and construction-accounting system clean by limiting the number of cost codes needed. STRUXI users can stick with their standard-cost codes and use time attributes for any deeper analysis into labor productivity. Users can access their structured data containing cost codes and the deeper time-attribute information on their payroll system or by using STRUXI Business Intelligence (BI). STRUXI BI comes with a user’s subscription. STRUXI does not keep YOUR data away from you.

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